The LT Wedge from Apex

An exceptionally heavy-duty solution for securing critical infrastructure and controlling vehicle traffic. Includes housing, high-impact gate plate and traffic arm.

Lt Wedge

The LT Wedge by APEX Fabrication and Design is a high-quality, durable traffic control solution that will withstand the abuse of every day operation. Featuring an integrated traffic arm and barrier plate, the LT Wedge is designed to inhibit aggressors from entering or exiting through unauthorized lanes. Best of all, this high-impact device will stop a vehicle in its tracks.


The LT Wedge can be professionally installed by our in-house technicians or contracting partners. This will ensure the highest quality installation and best service throughout the project.


  • Includes housing, gate plate and integral traffic arm
  • Red & yellow traffic lights mounted in the integral lift arm
  • White reflective “STOP” on vehicle-safe side
  • Loop-activated, “wrong-way”, Emergency-Secure option available
  • Emergency-Secure barriers equipped with siren and strobe light
  • Galvanized Base and Gate Plate
  • Operates on all standard US Voltages
  • Easily integrates into 3rd party access control equipment


  • All-electric, no hydraulics
  • Controls the flow of traffic
  • More than a visual deterrent
  • Disables all unauthorized vehicles
  • Controls almost any width lane
  • No excavation is needed on surface-mounted models


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